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Feathering the Crown

Feathers in the brow , the cleft of goodness and sentience . The sentence of self-jurisdiction, the image of strength in fluidity, in the wind of knowing 


Connection across Borders

The way we are all connected runs deeper than we imagine a lot of the time. Those of you familiar with the sounds of Mongolian throat singing and that of overtone singing might be surprised to learn that here in the UK overtone singing and chant was once common place especially in worship.

This piece of music is transcendental to me. You can hear the connectivity that our ancient peoples had and remember that people from the dawn of time have travelled, journeyed and exchanged sounds and noises and ideas and feelings.

This special recording of a psalm is from the Scottish island of Lewis. Here men women old and young joined to make this sacred sound. The sound of these people as like their landscape – windswept , with stormy cold dark waters but with a spirit the weather could not prevail 🙂 enjoy . Close your eyes and see the waves crashing into the rocks …