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Maharabajing – Via Lore Mix

Free download of the Via Lore Mix via our Soundcloud.



There is one way
The Via
The cycle of the natural world
The spiral within the seasons and the tides
The path of plant, animal and star
Once all that is human is one with the way
All that is human is mastered
All that is lived is divine

To master the body
Is to master the spirit
To master the spirit
Is to master the earth

The mastery of the way
The mastery of the skill

thank you Magister

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Qanun

Unusual instrument of much renown and beatification is the Qanun – The qanun, an ancient Middle Eastern instrument, has been played by musicians since 950 A.D. It’s made with a base of wood overlaid with between 74 and 81 strings, and musicians play it on their laps by plucking the strings with picks or fingernails. The name comes from the Greek for “canon,” meaning “rule,” likely because its tuning sets the rule for other instruments and singers in an ensemble led by the qanun.

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